Choose from our range of electric bike batteries at Vélo Pipette in Brussels

When choosing an electric bike, getting a battery suited to your use, your performance, your bike and your budget is essential.

Vélo Pipette in Watermael-Boitsfort can advise you on a wide range of batteries.

Battery PowerPack

For easy bike rides, everyday journeys to work or the ultimate feeling of power on hills, we can help you find the battery best-suited to your needs.

Bosch PowerPacks are available in 500, 400 and 300 Wh as a frame or pannier rack battery. They all have high energy density, a huge capacity, long battery life.

They’re also lightweight and easy to operate.


Concentrated energy

With optimum battery life, the 500, 400 and 300 PowerPacks are perfect for eMountain bikers, racing
cyclists and people who go to work by bike. 

The lithium-ion battery has unparalleled energy density compared to its competitors, it’s also lighter and smaller in size.


Double the Battery Life

Perfect for cyclotourists, people who travel around by bike for work [A1] and cyclists carrying heavy baggage.

Intelligent control software will give you the capacity of two PowerPacks. As these are connected in series, you have a battery capacity of up to 1000 Wh.

[A1]Do they mean bicycle couriers, or people who go to work by bike (commuters)

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