Chargers for electric bikes at Vélo Pipette in Watermael-Boitsfort

Choose a charger adapted to your electric bike at Vélo Pipette in Watermael-Boitsfort (Brussels).

Fast energy

Bosch chargers are practical, light and robust. But most of all, fast. Standard Charger, Compact Charger or Travel Charger?

You can decide based on where you’ll need your charger and in which circumstances.

On the patio, in the garage, on trips or in the office - with Bosch compact chargers, you can charge your E-bike anywhere and it will be ready to use, fast.

The Standard

The robust and functional Standard charger is Bosch’s fastest charger - and it’s the size and weight of a bottle of water (less than 800 grams).

As with all Bosch chargers, it’s silent!

The Compact

he Compact charger is ideal for cyclists who are always on the move. It weighs less than 600 grams and is 40% smaller than the Standard charger. 

So, it can fit in any bag. The Compact charger can also be used in the US, Canada and Australia.

Travel Charger

The travel charger allows you to recharge your pedal-assist bike wherever you are by connecting it to your car or camper’s 12V cigarette lighter or accessory socket.

Cleverly, this 500-gram lightweight device has integrated protection to prevent it from running your car battery flat.

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